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Devon Parker Graphic

Image: William Muoio

Parker continues hot scoring streak in ACC tournament for Syracuse women's lacrosse

This story for The Newshouse was a multi-dimensional project where I combined my visual, written and data skills for this profile on a Syracuse women’s lacrosse player. I came up with the idea after watching Devon Parker score five goals against Virginia, the first game I covered as a reporter. My data visual came from an original drawing and an idea, my story came from interviews and press conferences, and my photos came from standing on the sideline and going outside my comfort zone. This story showed me a good example of digital journalism, as this is something that couldn’t be replicated in print. In times where digital is becoming a primary source for media, this showed me how I could be a part of the change.

SU Football vs. Clemson

Image: Erika Sternard for The NewsHouse

Syracuse upsets Clemson in unforgettable night in the Carrier Dome

For my senior year, I took responsibility as Lead Sports Producer for The Newshouse, which saw a decrease of my writing and an increase of management responsibilities. However, I covered Syracuse’s 27-24 victory over Clemson on October 13. I was mixed with student reporters and professional journalists, all trying to write a different story on the same game. Remaining neutral and unbiased as a journalist is difficult, but it was necessary. The experience of working along some of the best proved to me this was what I wanted to do with my life. I wrote the story that night while others were out celebrating with friends.

Frozen Ocean MotorSports Facility

Image: William Muoio for Syracuse.com

Mud, sweat and cheers: Frozen Ocean a community devoted to racing motorcycles

While working at Advance Media New York, my supervisor tasked me to take charge of one big story and follow it throughout the summer. After suggesting to me to make it based on Summer near Syracuse, I heard about this motorsports park. I had never been to a motocross park, I knew nothing about how any of this works, but I wanted to be an expert on it. After trips to the park during races and when the only sound is the wind whistling around the dirt, I felt knowledgeable enough with the motocross community. This story taught me to go out of your comfort zone in terms of reporting something unfamiliar and make it your own.

New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced earlier this year the establishment of a state grant program to decrease the risk of hate crimes.

Image: Casey Russell for The Daily Orange

New York state pledges $25 million to help reduce risk of hate crimes

This story was part of my New York state beat for the Daily Orange, the student newspaper in Syracuse. At the time of writing, there was a rise of hate crimes in Central New York, so Gov. Andrew Cuomo pledged to grant money to boost safety and security. This story helped me gain a better idea of how important beat writing can be for the community. This story had a local impact to the people of Syracuse, as there were threats to a local Jewish center. But this was about the greater New York community, so I needed to know what was going on there. With journalists consistently working on beats, this gave me a chance to explore a story that has a wide geographic impact.

Riley Bunch | Staff Photographer
            In Syracuse University's surrounding neighborhood, where many students live, there have been 2,556 crimes from Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2015, according to the Onondaga Crime Analysis Center.

Image: Riley Bunch for The Daily Orange

Former Syracuse University student explains camera initiative proposal

This story was part of my student government beat for the Daily Orange. Campus safety is a constant topic of discussion at many universities, and a former student came to our student government to discuss his initiative. I met with Alex a few times for this story and was able to see how passionate he was about this. He showed me some of the current cameras in place on campus and how he wants them to be installed throughout Syracuse University. This story introduced me to the trust a source can have with a reporter. It doesn’t always help to have a good relationship with sources, but I trusted Alex and in turn, he was able to show me behind the scenes of his project.